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12 quick brain puzzles to welcome a sharp new year


Q: What is by far the most out­stand­ing and sur­pris­ing of all humankind’s suc­cess­es?
A: Wak­ing up in the morn­ing.

Q: Of our many tools, which is one of the most pow­er­ful, and yet the most pli­able?
A: Sta­tis­tics.

Q: Who insists that mind­less obe­di­ence is a sign of intel­li­gence?
A: All of us — when refer­ring to our pets.

Q: What is the root of all evil — Mon­ey? Satan? Greed? Fear?
A: More than all the above put togeth­er: Expec­ta­tions.

Q: Why are mis­takes so tir­ing?
A: Because jus­ti­fy­ing them takes so much effort.

Q: The dif­fer­ence between an ide­al­ist and a real­ist?
A: The ide­al­ist takes most of what he says extreme­ly seri­ous­ly.

Q: What do patri­archs and vehi­cle-alarms have in com­mon?
A: Hard­ly any­one both­ers to lis­ten to them any more.

Q: If ‘today is for­ev­er’, how will you wake up TOMORROW?
A: You sim­ply can’t.

Q: What is the most impen­e­tra­bly fool­proof cam­ou­flage of all, on this plan­et?
A: The human smile.

Q: What is as frag­ile as a but­ter­fly wing, yet as lethal as a land­mine?
A: A human being.

Q: If you are feel­ing very depressed, what’s the safest thing to do before going to the psy­chi­a­trist?
A: Have a lit­tle chat with his/ her doc­tor.

Q: What is a lot worse than being alone?
A: Wish­ing one were.

– Kei­th Per­reur-Lloyd is an Anglo-French com­pos­er and musi­cian cur­rent­ly liv­ing in Spain. You can learn more about his clas­si­cal com­po­si­tions here.

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