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Qantas monitors brainwaves of pilots and passengers to test 19.5‑hour flight from NY to Sydney

Mon­i­tor­ing brain­waves via dreem wer­able device (Qan­tas)


Qan­tas’ first 19.5‑hour research flight from New York to Syd­ney takes off (Nine News):

Qan­tas CEO Alan Joyce, who today is in New York for the research flight, told Today Show via a live cross that he will be select­ing an air­craft for the mam­moth job by the year’s end, in line with a pre­vi­ous time-line.

The flight is going to be ground-break­ing, as you said. We’ve got 19 hours — we’ve got a lot of sci­en­tists and we’re look­ing at dif­fer­ent ways of mak­ing the oper­a­tion actu­al­ly great for our pas­sen­gers,” Joyce said.

A hand­ful of Qan­tas Fre­quent Fly­er pas­sen­gers will serve as the human guinea pigs for the 19-and-a-half-hour research flight. Each will be fit­ted with wear­able devices to mon­i­tor sleep and move­ment, and fol­low a spe­cial­ly designed sleep, food and move­ment sched­ule … The air­line is also work­ing with researchers from the Coop­er­a­tive Research Cen­tre for Alert­ness, Safe­ty and Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty to mon­i­tor pilots and cab­in crew through­out the ultra-long-haul…

The reg­u­la­tions at the moment only allow the pilots to fly for around 18 hours, and have a tour of duty for around 20 hours — we need to increase that to 22, maybe up to 24 hours to do Lon­don from Syd­ney,” Joyce said.

How do they plan to do that? One way, is by mea­sur­ing the brain­waves of Qan­tas pilots through­out the flight, and col­lect­ing a range of data via rig­or­ous sci­en­tif­ic pro­to­cols.”

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