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Managing brains, not bodies, in the knowledge economy


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This Outdated Approach To Productivity Is Bad For Your Brain (Fast Company):

“Your car has parts that perform specific tasks. The radiator cools the engine. The spark plugs ignite the gas. The intake manifold distributes air and gas evenly to the cylinders. We think of a car this way because a car is a machine.

For most of the 20th century, scientists mapped the brain in the same way…This machine paradigm for the brain is a model of Industrial Age productivity. We’re no longer living and working in the Industrial Age—not by a long-shot—but we’re still operating in ways developed to suit that period’s needs, not those of our own…In many ways, our brains are like five-year-old children, capable of great bouts of energy and learning and creativity but then needing to nap, to be entertained, to run around and get out their ya-yas.

Today’s leaders and managers must recognize that in the modern knowledge economy, they’re no longer managing bodies but managing brains.”

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