Key take-aways from the 2015 SharpBrains Virtual Summit


Take-aways from 2015 Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit (Neu­rotech News):

In Novem­ber (17th-19th) Sharp­Brains held its Vir­tu­al Sum­mit about “Mon­i­tor­ing & Enhanc­ing Brain Health in the Per­va­sive Neu­rotech­nol­o­gy Era.” The Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit is, as you might guess, a vir­tu­al (online) conference…The vir­tu­al sum­mit had it’s own divi­sion of top­ics for group­ing the dif­fer­ent speak­ers (see agen­da), but I’ll break it down in a dif­fer­ent way here. I’ll break it down into the fol­low­ing 4 main categories:

  • 1. Brain & Cog­ni­tive Training
  • 2. Wear­ables, Con­sumer & DIY
  • 3. Brain Health (health­care)
  • 4. Neu­rotech Field & Trends

Alvaro Fer­nan­dez start­ed the con­fer­ence by remind­ing us that we should keep in mind not to look at the field and the mar­ket as it is today, but how it will be in cou­ple years from now. As illus­trat­ed beau­ti­ful­ly in cou­ple of Sharp­Brains’ info­graph­ics like this one, he showed how the patents & grants trend has just entered the curve of what could be described as a hock­ey stick. He describes the per­va­sive neu­rotech­nol­o­gy as being non-inva­sive, scal­able and poten­tial­ly ubiq­ui­tous, com­bin­ing neu­ro train­ing, neu­ro mon­i­tor­ing, brain stim­u­la­tion & electroencephalography.

The con­fer­ence a good mix of speak­ers cov­er­ing pret­ty much the whole spec­trum of neu­rotech­nol­o­gy. From mind­ful­ness to brain map­ping to brain stim­u­la­tion. From research to indus­try. From med­ical to consumer.

You can’t have a brain con­fer­ence with­out talk­ing about BRAIN Ini­tia­tive & the Human Con­nec­tome Project, but in this one we also had some­one from the Vir­tu­al Brain project, which I’m fol­low­ing close­ly (not only because it’s a Cana­di­an initiative!)

Let’s just jump right in… (this recap is not exhaus­tive and is not intend­ed to recon­struct the whole 3 days, but sim­ply my own opin­ion and what I took away from the con­fer­ence – and still remem­ber 2 weeks later). 

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SHARPBRAINS is an independent think-tank and consulting firm providing services at the frontier of applied neuroscience, health, leadership and innovation.
SHARPBRAINS es un think-tank y consultoría independiente proporcionando servicios para la neurociencia aplicada, salud, liderazgo e innovación.

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