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New in soccer: Improving concussion awareness via sensing “impact headbands”

Triax Technologies Abby Wambach


High-tech head­band boosts con­cus­sion detec­tion (CBS News):

Tech­nol­o­gy has made it pos­si­ble for play­ers to keep track of how cer­tain hits are impact­ing their brains before a con­cus­sion takes them out of the game com­plete­ly.

In 2013, (USA for­ward Abby) Wambach suf­fered a seri­ous con­cus­sion, knocked down by a line-dri­ve fired at close range.…

Now she’s an advo­cate for bet­ter . Wambach has part­nered with Con­necti­cut-based com­pa­ny Tri­ax, which devel­oped an “impact head­band,” designed to mea­sure how often and how hard a play­er gets hit. The head­band can’t diag­nose a con­cus­sion. Instead it down­loads hit sta­tis­tics in real time to a com­put­er or mobile app. That data, mea­sur­ing things like force and rota­tion, is then ana­lyzed by users, doc­tors and researchers.”

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