New $100M investment in Canada to accelerate brain health innovation



Brain research at Toron­to health cen­tre gets $100M fund­ing boost in fed­er­al bud­get (Nation­al Post):

Ottawa is help­ing fund a $100 mil­lion ini­tia­tive with Toronto’s Bay­crest Health Sci­ences to devel­op a nation­al hub for brain research…“Past gen­er­a­tions of adults said they were most con­cerned about can­cer or heart dis­ease. This gen­er­a­tion says they’re most con­cerned about their brains,” said Dr. Reichman.

Dr. Reich­man believes an entire­ly new suite of soft­ware prod­ucts — such as online brain health assess­ments, mem­o­ry and aging man­age­ment train­ing, and mobile med­ica­tion mon­i­tor­ing — will allow peo­ple to live more inde­pen­dent­ly at home and reduce the need to see a doc­tor or vis­it an emer­gency room.

I think it’s going to be trans­for­ma­tion­al. We’re going to look back on what we’re doing today and think ‘How quaint that was,’ ” he said.

Along with the $42 mil­lion in fed­er­al fund­ing will come con­tri­bu­tions from Bay­crest and its part­ners, includ­ing IBM, John­ston & John­ston, Rex­all, and the Ontario Brain Institute.”

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