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To Suc­ceed at School, Chil­dren With ADHD Need Both Med­ica­tion and Non-Med­ica­tion Treat­ments (The Huff­in­g­ton Post):

An impor­tant ques­tion then, for mil­lions of kids diag­nosed with ADHD and for their par­ents and edu­ca­tors, is whether long-term aca­d­e­mic func­tion­ing can improve with appro­pri­ate treat­ment…A new study pub­lished online in the Jour­nal of Atten­tion Dis­or­ders rep­re­sents a valu­able effort to answer that question.

As the study notes, “More achieve­ment test and aca­d­e­mic per­for­mance out­comes improved with mul­ti­modal (100 per­cent and 67 per­cent, respec­tively) than phar­ma­co­log­i­cal (75 per­cent and 33 per­cent) or non-phar­ma­co­log­i­cal (75 per­cent and 50 per­cent) treat­ment alone.”

…How­ever, as recent­ly found in anoth­er study that exam­ined treat­ment prac­tices in a large num­ber of pedi­a­tri­cians, while med­ica­tion treat­ment was rec­om­mended for over 90 per­cent of youth diag­nosed with ADHD, behav­ioral treat­ment was rec­om­mended few­er than 15 per­cent of the time. Thus, many chil­dren may not be receiv­ing mul­ti­modal treat­ment in com­mu­nity care.”

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