Trend: Mobile apps to improve vision via perceptual learning

vision in the human brain


Vision train­ing: Mobile app improved pilots’ vision (Air­craft Own­ers and Pilots Association):

Mil­i­tary pilots (and oth­er test sub­jects) have improved their vision after a few weeks of train­ing with a new appli­ca­tion for mobile devices—an appli­ca­tion now avail­able to the public.

The tech­nol­o­gy has helped ded­i­cat­ed users reverse age-relat­ed vision loss, and to help younger peo­ple improve on 20/20. Their eyes—including lens­es, mus­cles, and recep­tors that send sig­nals to the optic nerve—are only inci­den­tal­ly involved: The real work is going on inside the brain…

More specif­i­cal­ly, the Glass­esOff appli­ca­tion is designed to facil­i­tate “per­cep­tu­al learn­ing,” which refers to the brain’s abil­i­ty to improve per­cep­tion (visu­al, in this case) through train­ing. Unlike cor­rec­tive lens­es or laser surgery, which improve the qual­i­ty of the image cap­tured by the eye, Glass­esOff improves vision with­out any change to the eye itself. The results are achieved by enhanc­ing the brain’s visu­al pro­cess­ing speed and accu­ra­cy through var­i­ous exer­cis­es requir­ing users to inter­pret images on the screen in ses­sions that last 12 to 15 min­utes, three times a week. Over a peri­od of a few weeks, the brain adapts to more effi­cient­ly process images, even if they are flawed by lens­es that have lost focus.”

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