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Sensible decisions over hard prescriptions for lifelong brain health

Brain ThinkerIntelligence tests offer insight into ageing brain (BBC News):

“Sixty-six years ago today, more than 70,000 10 and 11-year-old children across Scotland took an intelligence test…now they have formed the foundation of a remarkable research project which is producing valuable insights into what lies behind cognitive decline – or ageing of the brain…

Already there have been important findings indicating – at a population level – that environmental factors outweigh the impact of genetics in ageing of the brain.

“It’s not just about doing one thing or taking one thing and everything will be all right,” said Prof Deary.

“It’s a matter of choices of different things and playing the numbers. So if you know that if one thing is better to do than another, you’re probably better to load your dice in the direction of things that look sensible.”

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