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Why investment in brain research is an intelligent investment

human-brainHealthy Brain: Healthy Europe Conference (speech by the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science):

“…Brain research and innovation contribute to Europe 2020‘s, aims not just by improving quality of life and helping integrate patients back into their social and working lives, but also by creating jobs and increasing competitiveness through innovative new products such as medicines, diagnostics, nanotechnologies and robotics.

As the title of this conference, ‘Healthy Brain: Healthy Europe’, implies, healthy brains are essential for happy individuals and families, for an efficient work force, for innovative products and services – in short for a healthy European society.

Therefore, investment in brain research is an intelligent investment, especially in times of scares (sic) resources, as it can help avoid even higher costs to society in the future.

At present brain-related diseases present one of the biggest societal challenges we are facing, for several reasons…”

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