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Update: From “Does Brain Training Work?” To How, When, for Whom It Can Work

Time for Sharp­Brains’ June 2012 eNewslet­ter, fea­tur­ing in this occasion several articles which, para­phras­ing hockey player Wayne Gret­zky, reinforce the need for everyone with a brain to “skate to where the (brain health) puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Fea­tured Perspectives

New Research and Resources 

Finally, we are proud to share two new accolades we just received:

  • The SharpBrains Summit is unique in its impressive ability to unite a diverse collection of cutting-edge thinkers in a “virtual” conference that is shared globally without a hitch. I am delighted and honored to have been able to participate in this Summit since its inception.” – Dr. Adam Gaz­za­ley, Direc­tor of the Neu­ro­science Imag­ing Cen­ter at UCSF
  • The SharpBrains Summit provides common ground for practitioners, scientists and industry leaders to work towards the common goal of driving brain health and fitness forward with a thoughtful, analytical and practical approach.   The virtual relationships you can form through this conference are priceless.” – Kate Sul­li­van, Direc­tor of the Brain Fit­ness Cen­ter at Wal­ter Reed National Mil­i­tary Med­ical Center

Have a great summer!

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