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Mind-Controlled Videogames Become Reality

Mind-Controlled Videogames Become Reality (The Wall Street Journal):

– Picture this: You put on a headset and relax your mind. Soon you begin controlling an object with your thoughts.

– Among the offerings available in the company’s app store are desktop games like “MindHunter,” in which players must focus single-mindedly in order to fire a weapon, and meditation aids like “Mind Labyrinth,” which grants players access to 52 different levels of an ancient temple as their relaxation grows deeper. Most of the games cost between $5 and $20, but other offerings—like the “HocusFocus” attention-building game, billed as a serious educational tool—can cost as much as $150.

– “There is going to be a whole ecosystem of new players, and NeuroSky is very well-positioned to be like the Intel of this new industry,” said Alvaro Fernandez, chief executive of SharpBrains, a brain-fitness analyst and consultancy. “They are to be inside a lot of what’s going on.”

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