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New Series on Personalized Medicine and the Brain (PMWC 2012)

“On average, the medications prescribed for brain-related conditions benefit approximately 50% of patients.  But which 50%?.”

“We need unambiguous biomarkers that are clinically relevant and scalable at reasonable cost. They already exist in Cancer.   But they do not yet exist in the Brain.” What may change that?

We are honored to bring to SharpBrains readers a new series of articles summarizing the state of Personalized Medicine, and exploring its emerging impact on brain health, mental health and brain fitness.  The series, written by Dr. Evian Gordon, draws on his recent presentation at the Personalized Medicine World Congress (PMWC) on January, 23, 2012 at Stanford University, and on the very extensive set of conversations held during the Congress.

New Series on Personalized Medicine and the Brain:

  • Monday, February 13th: The State of Personalized Medicine
  • Monday, February 20th: Challenges and Opportunities of Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry
  • Monday, February 27th: Working with Health Care Industry Stakeholders Towards Brain-based Personalized Medicine
Dr Evian Gordon is the Executive Chairman of the Brain Resource Company.  He initially drew upon  his science and medical background to establish the interdisciplinary Brain Dynamics Center, in 1986.  Through the Brain Dynamics Center and its collaborative networks, Dr Gordon established an “integrative neuroscience” approach, grounded in the use of standardized methods across multiple types of data.

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