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36-Hour Offer: Integrative Neuroscience, Personalized Medicine and the 2011 SharpBrains Summit

An impressive recent reference book on the future of brain care is Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine, edited by Evian Gordon and Stephen H. Koslow (Oxford University Press; $89.95).

Book description: This book takes an in depth and hard look at the current status and future direction of treatment predictive markers in Personalized Medicine for the brain from the perspectives of the researchers on the cutting edge and those involved in healthcare implementation. The contents provide a comprehensive text suitable as both a pithy introduction to and a clear summary of the “science to solutions” continuum in this developing field of Personalized Medicine and Integrative Neuroscience. The science includes both measures of genes using whole genome approaches and SNIPS as well as BRAINmarkers of direct brain function such as brain imaging, biophysical changes and objective cognitive and behavioral measurements. More information below.

36-Hour Offer

Dr. Evian Gordon will speak at the upcoming 2011 SharpBrains Summit: Retooling Brain Health for the 21st Century (March 30th – April 1st) and his firm, Brain Resource, is among Summit Sponsors. Thanks to his support, we are pleased to announce the following offer: TEN professionals who register to attend the 2011 SharpBrains Summit over the next 36 hours, from now until Friday March 4th, 7pm US Pacific Time, will each receive a complimentary hardcopy of the book Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine. If more than ten people register by then, we will select ten names at random.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of 12 new Speakers and Moderators to the 2011 SharpBrains Summit – the resulting agenda is turning out to be nothing short of spectacular (in our, yes, a bit biased judgment):

  • Alexan­dra More­house, CMO, AAA North California
  • Dr. Evian Gor­don, CEO, Brain Resource
  • Kath­leen Herath, Asst Vice Pres­i­dent, Nation­wide Insurance
  • Dr. David Tal, Direc­tor, A.G.E. Mat­ters Clinic
  • Paula Psyl­lakis, Senior Pol­icy Advi­sor, Ontario Min­istry of Research and Innovation
  • Veronika Litin­ski, Advi­sor, MaRS Life Sci­ences and Health Care
  • Dr. Joshua Stein­er­man, Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor, Albert Ein­stein Col­lege of Medicine
  • Dr. Jef­frey Kaye, Direc­tor, NIA — ORCATECH
  • Dr. John Rep­pas, Pol­icy Direc­tor, Neu­rotech­nol­ogy Indus­try Organization
  • Dr. Justin Marley, Chair Men­tal Health Infor­mat­ics Group, UK Royal Col­lege of Psychiatrists
  • Dr. David Darby, Chief Medical Officer, Cogstate
  • Dr. John Hart, Medical Science Director, Center for Brain Health at UT-Dallas

-> Learn More and Register to Participate in the Summit Here, and get a chance at getting a complimentary copy of the book Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine!

Product Description (continued): Each chapter provides a review of recent relevant literature; show the solutions achieved through integrative neuroscience and applications in patient care thus providing a practical guide to the reader. The timeliness of this book’s content is propitious providing bottom line information to educate practicing clinicians, health care workers and researchers, and also a pathway for undergraduate and graduates interested in further their understanding of and involvement in tailored personal solutions.

“The way we currently treat patients in all areas of medicine leaves much to be desired. We identify clusters of symptoms in a descriptive manner, give those clusters a label that best fits, or several labels if none fits well, and then we administer drugs that were themselves, or their predecessors, discovered by serendipity over fifty years ago… This type of current standard of care is no longer acceptable. We need to bring the neuroscience discoveries of the last fifty years to health care and that must be done in a personalized way, matching each patient to the best treatment that is specifically individualized for that person. Gordon & Koslow bring together in an exemplary and much needed book…the standards for the new science and evidence-based personalized medicine of the future that has been much expected and is finally taking off.” — Julio Licinio, MD, Director, John Curtin School of Medical Research, CMBE, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

About the Authors:

Dr. Stephen H. Koslow, PhD has been an innovator and creative leader in the fields of psychopharmacology, neuroscience and informatics. He has joined efforts in all these fields by now helping to catalyze Personalized Medicine into a reality. He continues to run his own consulting company, and his efforts in Neuroinformatics, and special interest in the clinical areas of mental illness. He had worked for many years at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) where he had a major leadership role in these same areas.

Dr. Evian Gordon is Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. He is also the founding Director of the Brain Dynamic Centre (BDC), and heads BDC’s Integrative Neuroscience Program. He is also the CEO of Brain Resource, a publicly listed biotech Company, which developed out of BDC in 2001, and is now the industry affiliate of BDC. He is a pioneer of ‘intergrative neuroscience’ and has over 25 years in bringing together complementary human brain imaging technologies. With his experience he has established the first fully standardized international database on the human brain, under the auspices of Brain Resource. He has over 350 peer-reviewed publications and has produced a 14-part television series on models of the human brain.

Table of Contents:

PREFACE, Herbert Pardes, MD
INTRODUCTION, Stephen H. Koslow, PhD and Evian Gordon, MD, PhD

1. The History of Personalized Medicine, Edward Abrahams, Ph.D. and Michael Silver
2. An Applied Context for Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry, Alan F. Schatzberg, MD
3. Personalized Medicine and Integrative Neuroscience: Towards Consensus Markers for Disorders of Brain Health, Leanne Williams, PhD and Evian Gordon MD, PhD

4. Does fMRI have a role in personalized health care for psychiatric patients?, Alex Fornito, MD and Edward T. Bullmore, MD
5. Stress and the Impact of Personalized Medicine, Charles F. Gillespie, M.D., PhD, Elisabeth B. Binder, MD, PhD, Paul E. Holtzheimer, MD, and Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD
6. Personalized Medicine for Schizophrenia, Jacob S. Ballon, MD, Ragy R. Girgis, MD, and Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD
7. Personalized Integrative Markers for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents, M. Kohn, MD, S. Clarke, MD and Leanne Williams, PhD

8. The Role of Neuroimaging Biomarkers in Personalised Medicine for Neuro-degenerative and Psychiatric Disorders, Ellen M. Migo, Steve C. R. Williams, William R. Crum, Matthew J. Kempton and Ulrich Ettinger
9. Autonomic Nervous System Markers for Psychophysiological, Anxiety and Physical Disorders, Richard Gevirtz, Ph.D., BCIAC
10. Personalized Medicine in Sleep Health, Ronald Grunstein, MD
11. Theranostics and Translation towards Personalized Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis, Ariel Miller, Tamar Paperna, Opher Caspi, Izabella Lejbkowicz, Elsebeth Staun-Ram, Nili Avidan

12. Brain-Related Healthcare: New Models for Personalized Medicine, David Whitehouse, MD
13. Clinical Decision Support in Employee Assistance Programs: Personalizing the Therapeutic Approach, Eugene Baker, PhD
14. Economic impacts of the Personalized Medicine Tsunami, Dan Segal and David Williams

Accelerating the Future of Personalized Medicine, Evian Gordon, MD, PhD and Stephen H. Koslow, PhD

-> Learn More and Register to Participate in the Summit Here, and get a chance at getting a complimentary copy of the book Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine!

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