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First Report of the Council on the Ageing Society

The Council on the Ageing Society is one of the Global Agenda Councils created by the World Economic Forum in 2008. It addresses global issues associated with our ageing society and has the task of challenging prevailing assumptions, monitoring trends, proposing solutions, devising strategies, and making public policy proposals. It is composed of scientists, public policy makers, academics, physicians and business leaders, including our very own Alvaro Fernandez.

The first report of the Council on the Ageing Society was published this month in Global Policy. In this ?rst publication the Council presents the basic principles that will guide its views, actions and policies in the coming years.

We emphasise the power of knowledge as a policy tool. Evidence-based information about individual and  societal ageing must replace myths of senescence and ageist assumptions …

… early and repeated preventive care ‘interventions’ (especially in health behaviours and
geriatric medicine) and ‘preventive’ measures (such social integration, design of cities and lifelong learning so that workers can upgrade skills) will delay the onset of late-life dif?culties

A comprehensive and very interesting call to action that you can read here.

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