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Stretch and Shape the Brain: An Introduction to Neuroplasticity for Children

Fol­low­ing are two great illus­tra­tions excerpt­ed from the children’s book: Your Fan­tas­tic, Elas­tic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It. This new book writ­ten by JoAnn Deak, PhD and illus­trat­ed by Sarah Ack­er­ley explains to chil­dren how the brain changes with expe­ri­ences and how they have some con­trol over their brain pow­er and health.  It is a great intro­duc­tion to neu­ro­plas­tic­i­ty and brain fit­ness.
A fun read for all brain own­ers, young and old, out there!


To Learn More and Order the Book: click on Your Fan­tas­tic, Elas­tic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It (Lit­tle Pick­le Press, $17.95).

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3 Responses

  1. Rana DiOrio says:

    Thank you for your review, Dr. Mich­e­lon. We appre­ci­ate your sup­port!

  2. This is FANTASTIC!! BUT let’s not for­get that this also address­es brain CONTENT or mind CONTENT. There has been much writ­ten recent­ly on learn­ing about the PROCESS of the mind / brain, i.e. that it is always busy.

    Learn­ing to man­age atten­tion is enhanced through med­i­ta­tion and research shows that long term med­i­ta­tion increas­es cor­ti­cal thick­ness & white mat­ter in the brain. Lit­tle Pick­le Press, LLC has the per­fect com­pli­ment to this book for kids: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE PRESENT?

    It com­pletes or enhances our knowl­edge of the brain and mind, help­ing to cul­ti­vate respon­si­ble lit­tle peo­ple who can cre­ate ful­fill­ing, mean­ing­ful lives.

    THANKS for this fan­tas­tic book.

    Eliz­a­beth Topp PhD

  3. This was such a fun book to illus­trate, and it real­ly does con­tain a valu­able mes­sage. It teach­es kids that’s their brains are con­stant­ly stretch­ing, and that they can do many things to make their brains grow. Some exam­ples include sculpt­ing, play­ing soc­cer, div­ing in the deep end when you’re scared, and learn­ing mag­ic tricks. It real­ly is a fan­tas­tic book! Great for kids of all ages.

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