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Brain Training News Digest

Here is a news digest on brain training to start your stimulating New Year:

Brain training games: Do they work? This piece explores the world of computerized brain training software: Who uses them? Are they worth the expense? You can also check out Sharpbrains Program Evaluation checklist to learn about the 10 ques­tions to ask when choosing a brain fit­ness pro­gram.

Protect your brain: The new issue for athletes. Learn more about ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), the computerized clinical report which is quickly becoming the norm for high schools and colleges in determining an athlete’s cognitive brain function. For basic information on concussions and concussion-types sport-related damages, click here.

Brain training: What’s the “true” picture? This short article sums up nicely what needs to be known and done to better understand the emerging field of brain training and cognitive enhancement.

Brain plasticity: An inspiring piece by Oliver Sacks the author of “The Mind’s Eye”, who shares patients’ stories and wonders “to what extent we are shaped by, and to what degree we shape, our own brains? And can the brain’s ability to change be harnessed to give us greater cognitive powers?”

And to put all this to work do not hesitate to visit our Top 50 brain teasers or try out our latest teasers straight from the lab:

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this. Brain fitness is applied psychology at its best!

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