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Talk @ UCLA Technology & Aging Conference

Quick note: I will be speaking at the UCLA Technology & Aging Conference on Friday, October 29th, in Los Angeles. Please drop me a line or introduce yourself if you are planning to attend.

The Schedule features many good sessions, including one on Brain Fitness:

  • Description: Growing scientific evidence suggests that such strategies as physical and mental exercise can improve brain health and cognitive performance. This session will review the latest research supporting brain fitness methods, highlight new cognitive training devices, and discuss the challenge of determining the effectiveness of these technologies.
  • Speakers: Bill Reichman (Baycrest), Steven Aldrich (Posit Science), Gary & Rita Considine (Garri Productions), Alvaro Fernandez of (SharpBrains).
  • Moderator: Gary Small (UCLA Center on Aging).

To learn more and register: click Here.

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