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Grand Rounds: Brain and Cognition edition

Encephalon (brain & mind blog carnival, edition ) finally meets Grand Rounds (health & medicine blog carnival).

What a nice surprise. Hello. Nice to meet you!

Note: Chronic Babe wins a complimentary copy of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness for basically inventing cognitive sleep therapy. Congrats!

Life and Death

MindHacks discusses an unexpected surge in brain activity when blood pressure drops to zero.

In Sickness & In Health suffers a death in the family. Adam shem tov. A man of good name.

BrainBlogger wonders, is religion a “natural” phenomenon?

Mind and Empathy

Behaviorism & Mental Health finds that everyone can have a mental illness – take a look at “Adjustment Disorder“.

ACP Internist reinforces the importance of empathy. Novel Patient encourages patients to dream big, Florecendotcom highlights how patients themselves contribute to patient safety. The Hippocratic Oaf discusses the feelings of a medical student. Clinical Cases wonders what doctors  in training carry in their white coats.

Advances in the History of Psychology examines an important early step in the journey to conceptualize cognition and emotion from a neural point of view.

The Fitness Fixer empathizes with her feet.


How to Cope With Pain discusses a controversial treatment for severe pain.

Neurophilosopher shows how vision (viewing one’s body) can modulate the senses of touch and pain. Fun experiments  included. Neurocritic takes things one step further, and takes us to the potential future of tattoo removal.

Providentia announces a new NFL Concussion Committee. 300,000 sports-related traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States alone each year.

SharpBrains answers 15 common questions related to neuroplasticity.

Medical Smartphones suggests smartphones can act as peripheral brains.

Cognitive Daily introduces us to the combination of fMRI research and genetic analysis to identify a genetic basis for anger.


Health Business Blog issues a warning to teleradiologists and other tele-providers.

Anticlue explains how to sell the concept of Electronic Health Records.

Shrink Rap offers the provider’s guide to Facebook. ACP Hospitalist covers Twitter obsession.

Diabetes Mine wonders about the safety of inhalable insulin.

Big, broad questions

Neuroanthropology, a neuroanthropology group blog, avoid the kind of cognitive bias that we at SharpBrains suffer all too often, and asks, Why Neuroanthropology?

Teen Health 411 kindly reviews our recent SharpBrains book, and enjoys reading how humans developed cultural systems to help young people master the knowledge and skills they need to survive. Highlight Health likes the book too, placing it in the right lifelong context.

The Cockroach Catcher suggests a solution for ADHD in China: playing the piano.

Specific answers

Allergy Notes discusses a treatment for pregnant women with allergic rhinitis.

Medicine for the Outdoors introduces us to a useful device to manage bone fractures.

Next edition of Grand Rounds: October 27th, CodeBlog.

Next edition of Encephalon: November 2nd, Providentia.

Good night! good morning!

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  1. rlbates says:

    Very nice edition!

  2. Am Ang Zhang says:

    Thanks. Noctors are of course a peculiar English phenomenon and the people did not know how bad it is going to be: As bad as our dental service!

    It may be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek but 30 million families is a large number. At least we will keep Julliard and the Metropolitan Opera well supplied with musicians.

    The Cockroach Catcher

  3. Kim says:

    Wow, Alvaro – this is fantastic! What a great selection of topics! I’ll be reading this tomorrow with latte in hand! : )

  4. Thanks for a great edition!

  5. * blush * thanks for the win! so exciting. i’m thrilled to be part of grand rounds again – such an awesome project, and great work this week, alvaro.

  6. Thanks Alvaro! For including my post and also for giving me the inspiration to write this one (has a Grand Rounds link):

    And forget what I said about “just not that into you.” I really am!

  7. Loy30 says:

    Remarkably, that fear lingers on– for years after our school days are distant memories. ,

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