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Brain Training Games @ CNN

Crisp CNN article:

Boom times for brain training games

Including my final quote “[Brain fitness] is not just some fad. The market is much deeper than Nintendo.”

The “brain fitness center” financed by Ontario is Baycrest. Companies mentioned: Mindfit, Posit Science, Nintendo, Allstate, BrainBuilder, MyBrainTrainer.

The reporter and I also discussed in depth the need for better consumer education and professional development, so people can make informed decisions, and for cognitive assessments to serve as independent baseline, help identify priorities and measure results. Please note that our market estimates do include revenues of computerized cognitive assessments, today mostly used in clinical trials, and within the military and sports teams.

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  1. Alex Doman says:


    Thanks for sending the message on twitter about the article. I appreciate knowing about the mention of our site brainbuilder .com.

  2. Govindan says:

    I appreciate the effort and information. I would also like to know more about stress and the way to overcome it. In order to keep our brain fit, one must be free from depression, stress, tension, etc. Please have some attention on it.

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