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As promised in my previous post on Neurogenesis and Brain Plasticity in Adult Brains, I will now list some interviews, video, articles, and books that go hand-in-hand with these brain booksfascinating topics we are discussing. Please comment below if you have favorite additional resources!


MIT news – Picower researcher finds neuron growth in adult brain

Society for Neuroscience brain brief – Adult Neurogenesis


Neuroscience for Kids – Brain Plasticity: What Is It?

Society for Neuroscience brain brief – Brain Plasticity, Language Processing and Reading

Brain Science Podcast – Ginger Campbell interview with Norman Doidge, MD, discussing Neuroplasticity, and his book The Brain That Changes Itself

CBD Radio – Interview with Norman Doidge

Carol Dweck discussing “growth” versus “fixed” mindsets

Wired Science – Mixed Feelings – how the human brain can change


Brain Science Podcase – Ginger Campbell discussion of Elkonon Goldberg’s book The Wisdom Paradox

Oregon Health & Science University – Brain Awareness – The Adult Brain

PBS – The Secret Life of the Brain – The Adult Brain

McGill University has an interesting timeline that traces the discovery of neuronal growth in adult brains. This is part of The Brain from Top to Bottom, “An interative Web site on the human brain and behavior”


Brain Science Podcast – Ginger Campbell interview with John Ratey, discussing Exercise and the Brain and his book Spark

Johy Ratey speaking at Authors@Google


Creatively Speaking – Sir Ken Robinson on The Power of the Imaginative Mind

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk – Do schools kill creativity?

Arnold Wasserman interview on SMARTBoard Lessons/PD to Go Episode 131 – Design & Innovation (interview begins about 1/2 into the podcast)

Laurie BartelsLaurie Bartels writes the Neurons Firing blog to create for herself the “the graduate course I’d love to take if it existed as a program”. She is the K-8 Computer Coordinator and Technology Training Coordinator at Rye Country Day School in Rye, New York. She is also the organizer of Digital Wave annual summer professional development, and a frequent attendee of Learning & The Brain conferences.

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