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As promised in my pre­vi­ous post on Neu­ro­ge­n­e­sis and Brain Plas­tic­i­ty in Adult Brains, I will now list some inter­views, video, arti­cles, and books that go hand-in-hand with these brain booksfas­ci­nat­ing top­ics we are dis­cussing. Please com­ment below if you have favorite addi­tion­al resources!


MIT news – Picow­er researcher finds neu­ron growth in adult brain

Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science brain brief – Adult Neu­ro­ge­n­e­sis


Neu­ro­science for Kids – Brain Plas­tic­i­ty: What Is It?

Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science brain brief – Brain Plas­tic­i­ty, Lan­guage Pro­cess­ing and Reading

Brain Sci­ence Pod­cast – Gin­ger Camp­bell inter­view with Nor­man Doidge, MD, dis­cussing Neu­ro­plas­tic­i­ty, and his book The Brain That Changes Itself

CBD Radio – Inter­view with Nor­man Doidge

Car­ol Dweck dis­cussing “growth” ver­sus “fixed” mindsets

Wired Sci­ence – Mixed Feel­ings – how the human brain can change


Brain Sci­ence Pod­case – Gin­ger Camp­bell dis­cus­sion of Elkonon Gold­berg’s book The Wis­dom Paradox

Ore­gon Health & Sci­ence Uni­ver­si­ty – Brain Aware­ness – The Adult Brain

PBS – The Secret Life of the Brain – The Adult Brain

McGill Uni­ver­si­ty has an inter­est­ing time­line that traces the dis­cov­ery of neu­ronal growth in adult brains. This is part of The Brain from Top to Bot­tom, “An inter­a­tive Web site on the human brain and behavior”


Brain Sci­ence Pod­cast – Gin­ger Camp­bell inter­view with John Ratey, dis­cussing Exer­cise and the Brain and his book Spark

Johy Ratey speak­ing at Authors@Google


Cre­ative­ly Speak­ing – Sir Ken Robin­son on The Pow­er of the Imag­i­na­tive Mind

Sir Ken Robin­son’s TED Talk – Do schools kill creativity?

Arnold Wasser­man inter­view on SMART­Board Lessons/PD to Go Episode 131 – Design & Inno­va­tion (inter­view begins about 1/2 into the podcast)

Laurie BartelsLau­rie Bar­tels writes the Neu­rons Fir­ing blog to cre­ate for herself the “the grad­u­ate course I’d love to take if it exist­ed as a pro­gram”. She is the K‑8 Com­put­er Coor­di­na­tor and Tech­nol­o­gy Train­ing Coor­di­na­tor at Rye Coun­try Day School in Rye, New York. She is also the orga­niz­er of Dig­i­tal Wave annu­al sum­mer pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment, and a fre­quent attendee of Learn­ing & The Brain conferences.

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