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Brain Health Promotion by the American Society on Aging

LectureYou may be interested in the excellent agenda the American Society on Aging has put together for health professionals on a variety of aging topics, including a full day devoted to discussing Brain Health Promotion: The Next Steps.

When are where: September 2nd-5th, in San Francisco, CA. Brain Health Promotion day is September 5th.

To check the full agenda: Click here.

To register: Register Now (early registration until August 25th).

I will be participating in three sessions. Please let me know if you are attending, we may be able to organize a SharpBrains lunch on Friday September 5th.

1) How Change Makers Like You Can Contribute to the Future of Brain Health

September 5th, 9.00-10.30 am

Neuroscience, and cognitive science in general, are coming to a fundamentally new understanding of the lifelong plasticity of the brain and what aging means. This presents tremendous opportunities, and challenges, to anyone caring for other people’s brains (on top of their own). In this session, we will provide an overview of the research and market trends that may affect brain health in the next five to ten years, will explore new roles to serve our communities coupled with the need to reinvent existing ones, and will help navigate the increased number of brain heath options today.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this session will: 1. Develop a shared understanding of research and market trends to help prepare for what’s next. 2. Predict the evolution of new roles to serve our communities, involving new professions and industries and reinventing existing ones. 3. Provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges of choosing among an increased number of brain heath options, and how to spot quality.

Presenter: Alvaro Fernandez.

2) Creating Brain Health Programs on a Small Budget

September 5th, 3.00-4.30 pm

Brain health classes have evolved throughout the country for the past 15 years. This moderated panel discussion will introduce and explore some of the current model programs and provide take-away information for developing and strengthening local low-cost brain health programs.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this session will be able to: 1. Identify elements that contribute to a quality low-cost brain health program. 2. Understand the importance of well-rounded brain health programs that include more than classroom experience. 3. Define solutions to overcoming barriers to program attendance.

Presenters: Nancy Ceridwyn, MA, American Society on Aging; Terry Englehart, Senior Center Without Walls; Alvaro Fernandez, MBA, MA, CEO and Founder, SharpBrains; Hope Levy, MA, MA, There’s Always Hope Consulting and City College of San Francisco.

3) Teaching Brain Fitness in Your Community

September 4th, 1.30-4.30pm

Media coverage from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and PBS has reported on a new wave in brain health programs for older adults. What are you provid-ing in your site? This session will give you a sampling of a model brain health series that you can conduct in your site. It will introduce you to the science of brain fitness, including many engaging brain exercises to do individu-ally or in a group. Exercise Your Brain: New Brain Research and Implications has been taught at several dif-ferent Bay Area locations including the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this intensive, participants will: 1. Understand the four pillars of brain health and three key principles behind effective brain exercise. 2. Build a repertoire of easy-to-do exercises, both individually and in a group setting. 3. Be able to explain to their communities why the field of brain fitness is growing, and how it will affect the fields of health and wellness.

Presenter: Alvaro Fernandez.

When are where: September 2nd-5th, in San Francisco, CA. Brain Health Promotion day is September 5th.

To check the full agenda: Click here.

To register: Register Now (early registration until August 25th).

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6 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Question, please: Are YOUR presentations going to be available as recordings for purchase after this Conference?

    Thank you for your attention.
    Robert L. Bayliss, CH, CI

  2. Alvaro says:

    Hello Robert, will ask the organizers and let you know.

    If they aren’t, at least I will figure out the best way to share the highlights via this blog, either with an article or a webinar.

  3. Elizabeth Scholze Schmidt says:

    I, too, would like to avail myself to this information, but am unable to do so at the ASA in San Francisco. I’ll look forward to whatever information you can share, Alvaro, and in whatever format!

  4. Hello Robert, the organizers have told me they won’t be taping the sessions…so I will do my best to blog about the main take-aways. Thank you for your interest-Robert and Elizabeth!

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Alvaro,

    I am travelling from Australia to attend the conference and hear you speak. You mentioned that you may be organizing a Sharpbrains lunch on the 5th. If this is still a possibility I would love to attend and if appropriate and time permitting let you know what we are doing in Australia in this space. Thanks in advance Brian

  6. Brian, I am impressed you are flying from Australia. I will be happy to welcome you in now sunny San Francisco, and will email you tomorrow to coordinate lunch on the 5th. See you soon

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