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Brain Fitness Newsletter: End-March Edition

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We are proud to announce that we now belong to the exclusive Scientific American Partner Network. Scientific American Mind spoke highly of our website last year, so it was only natural (but made us very pleased) that we were invited to join their new blogger network. We remain an independent company, so there will be few obvious changes – mainly some more links between their website and ours and new banner ads administered by Scientific American’s great team. 


Brain Fitness Software Report: Reviews:  our just released Market Report is earning a growing number of accolades as a must-read publication for executives and investors interested in emerging brain health trends and opportunities.  

Brain Rules- science and practice: molecular biologist John Medina releases a new book to make brain science accessible and relevant to all, and writes a fun article challenging the very existance of classrooms and cubicles.

Health & Wellness

Sleep, Tetris, Memory and the Brain: As part of our ongoing Author Speaks Series, we are honored to present this excellent article by Dr. Shannon Moffett on the importance of sleep.

Relaxing for your Brain’s Sake: What stresses you out? Whatever it is, how you respond to it may have more consequences than you think, as researcher Gregory Kellett shows.

Meditation and The Brain: a new study shows that compassion meditation changes the brain (literally).


Nintendo Brain Training and Schools: despite unclear evidence of efficacy, some UK schools seem to be adding Nintendo games in the classroom (the good news is that playing is never bad).

Posit Science & InSight for Visual Processing: Posit Science announces a new program for visual processing training and we have a few questions for it.

Brain Teasers

Boost your visuospatial skills: Dr. Pascale Michelon offers this fun mental rotation challenge.


The Human Algorithm: The Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College announces the Human Algorithm Conference on May 9 & 10, 2008 at the intersection between the sciences and the humanities. Open registration online.
We will be announcing in April several exciting new Expert Contributors…so stay tuned!

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