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Happier, and Positive Psychology

LifeTwo, the website focused on all aspects of midlife challenges, from midlife crisis to midlife career change, is presenting a “How to be Happy” week, based on the work of Harvard Professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and his book “Happier”. Dr. Ben-Shahar teaches Harvard’s most popular class, on Positive Psychology.

Today is their Day 1: From Happy to Happier.

A number of good bloggers are collaborating: Happiness Project, The Brazen Careerist, MenAlive, The Dating Goddess, Boomer Chronicles, Man-o-Pause, AgingBackwards. I will be honored to provide a guest column, this Thursday, on how to identify and overcome some common brain-based obstacles to being happy, and how you apply the latest brain science developments in your own quest to be happier. In the meanwhile, you may enjoy the post On being positive, and check out Day 1: From Happy to Happier.

Enjoy the week!

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