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Ambiguous Visual Illusion

What do you see?

Do you see a series of black shapes on a white background, or do you see a white word on black background? Try to see both, one at a time 🙂

This image is an example of an ambiguous illusion – a picture or object that requires perceptual switching between the alternative interpretations of figure and ground. Our visual system simplifies visual scenes into a foreground figure that we focus on and a ground which is everything else and forms the background. And although you may be able to switch the figure and ground back and forth to see one image or the other, your eyes will not let you see both images at the same time. Our visual perception is created by our brain’s interpretation in the cerebral cortex of visual information entering through the visual pathway.

The word in white letters is LIFT.

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30 Responses

  1. cluisa says:

    couldn’t see anything but background even though i knew the word was lift because link brought be in at bottom…. let myself look a bit…. still bkg…. then by picking up the bottom of the l was able to grab and easily see the word

  2. Gary R says:

    Actually, I can see both, and alternate between the two.

    Was actually looking for the Old woman and young woman visual, that one I can see both and the Old woman and swith to the young woman. Would like to see more of this, Does anyone out there know where this site might be that has lots of visuals?

    Gary R

  3. Daniel says:

    a white word on a black background

  4. Dimwit says:

    I SEE


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