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Neuroplasticity, Brain Fitness and Cognitive Health News


Brain Fitness Articles. Now with some humor.

More articles that you will find interesting, following the post a few days ago: 

On the importance and impact of mental stimulation and training:
Brain Work-outs (Society for Neuroscience): brief history on the science behind mental stimulation
Training Improves Cognitive Abilities of Older Adults (Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ): results from the Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE)

On the role of mental stimulation in protecting the brain:
Mental stimulation staves off dementia (Medical News Today): ‘It turns out that one of the 11 activities, the physical activities we studied, was associated with a significant risk reduction when looked at one-by-one, and that was dancing”
Mind-Building Hobbies Prevent Alzheimer’s (WebMD): more ideas on enriching our lives

On the importance of building a Brain Reserve
Level of Job Difficulty Linked to Alzheimer’s (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): good review of the Brain or Cognitive Reserve 

Other important aspects
Stress and the Brain (Society for Neuroscience): how stress can hurt memory and other brain areas, and ideas to manage it better
Exercise and the Brain (Society for Neuroscience): on the importance of physical exercise
Humor, Laughter and The Brain (Society for Neuroscience): want brain exercise? tell me a joke! or participate in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

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