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New book on How to Optimize Brain Health and Performance at Any Age

SharpBrainsGuide_3D_compressedWe are pleased to announce that, after much hard work and three global sum­mits to dis­cuss the lat­est sci­ence and best prac­tices, The Sharp­Brains Guide to Brain Fit­ness: How to Opti­mize Brain Health and Per­for­mance at Any Age (April 2013; 284 pages), is now avail­able for pur­chase as paper­back ($15.95) and e-book ($9.95)!

Mod­ern life places extra­or­di­nary demands on our brains. The Sharp­Brains Guide helps read­ers dis­cover what really works, and what doesn’t, to improve brain health and per­for­mance at any age, to delay or pre­vent cog­ni­tive decline, and become smarter con­sumers of both media cov­er­age and sci­en­tific research in the process, by cut­ting through the clut­ter of mis­con­cep­tions, super­fi­cial and con­flict­ing media cov­er­age, and aggres­sive mar­ket­ing claims.

This new and much-expanded edi­tion of the guide AARP named a Best Book on Brain Fit­ness com­bines a user-friendly tuto­r­ial on how the brain works with advice on how to choose and inte­grate lifestyle changes and research-based brain train­ing to improve brain health and per­for­mance. Offer­ing use­ful, prag­matic and per­son­al­ized tips and sug­ges­tions that are easy to imple­ment, the Sharp­Brains Guide offers a ground­break­ing new approach for self-assessing cur­rent brain fit­ness needs and iden­ti­fy­ing the most rel­e­vant and evidence-based meth­ods to pre­serve and enhance brain func­tion through­out life. Whether your goal is to become more resilient, enhance mem­ory, ward off Alzheimer’s dis­ease, or sim­ply improve men­tal focus to per­form bet­ter at work, this how-to guide shows you exactly how to “use it or lose it.”
  1. Read the Fore­word by Misha Pavel, PhD, Pro­gram Direc­tor at the National Sci­ence Foundation
  2. Check out the Full descrip­tion and the Con­tents
  3. BUY YOUR COPY NOW (print $15.95; e-book $9.95; both avail­able in mul­ti­ple countries)
  4. If you work at an accred­ited media orga­ni­za­tion or asso­ci­a­tion that reviews books, please ask us for a review copy.
Your inter­est truly makes a dif­fer­ence in mak­ing this topic receive the atten­tion and resources it deserves. Please buy your copy today, and help spread the word among col­leagues, rel­a­tives and friends. We will be orga­niz­ing mul­ti­ple book dis­cus­sions in May and June, so please start reading :)

 Praise for the book:

  • One of those books you can­not ignore. Insight­ful, to the point, action­able. A book for every­one who wants to act and live smarter and health­ier, based on lat­est neu­ro­science.”–Dr. Tobias Kiefer, Direc­tor Global Learn­ing & Devel­op­ment, Booz & Company
  • A great start for mak­ing sense new brain sci­ence and for tak­ing active steps towards smart health, at the indi­vid­ual level, and Smart Health, at the soci­etal level.” –Misha Pavel, PhD, Pro­gram Direc­tor for the National Sci­ence Foundation’s Smart Health and Well­be­ing Program
  • This is the book you need to begin to think dif­fer­ently about your brain and actively embrace the excit­ing and promis­ing real­ity that your brain’s health is the cause of the cen­tury.” –San­dra Bond Chap­man, PhD, Founder and Chief Direc­tor, UT-Dallas’ Cen­ter for BrainHealth
  • An essen­tial ref­er­ence on the field of brain fit­ness, neu­ro­plas­tic­ity and cog­ni­tive health” –Wal­ter Jessen, PhD, founder and edi­tor, High­light Health
  • Rec­og­nized by AARP as one of the best and most com­pre­hen­sive source of infor­ma­tion, this book man­ages to remain open minded yet ade­quately crit­i­cal at the same-a good model for all sharp minds to fol­low and ben­e­fit from.” –Dr. Peter White­house, Pro­fes­sor of Neu­rol­ogy at Case West­ern Reserve University
  • A much-needed resource to help us bet­ter under­stand our brains and minds and how to nour­ish them through life.” –Susan E. Hoff­man, Direc­tor, Osher Life­long Learn­ing Insti­tute at UC Berkeley
With best regards from the co-authors,
Alvaro Fer­nan­dez and Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg
with Dr. Pas­cale Michelon

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