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Brain Health Promotion by the American Society on Aging

LectureYou may be inter­ested in the excel­lent agenda the Amer­i­can Soci­ety on Aging has put together for health pro­fes­sion­als on a vari­ety of aging top­ics, includ­ing a full day devoted to dis­cussing Brain Health Pro­mo­tion: The Next Steps.

When are where: Sep­tem­ber 2nd-5th, in San Fran­cisco, CA. Brain Health Pro­mo­tion day is Sep­tem­ber 5th.

To check the full agenda: Click here.

To reg­is­ter: Reg­is­ter Now (early reg­is­tra­tion until August 25th).

I will be par­tic­i­pat­ing in three ses­sions. Please let me know if you are attend­ing, we may be able to orga­nize a Sharp­Brains lunch on Fri­day Sep­tem­ber 5th.

1) How Change Mak­ers Like You Can Con­tribute to the Future of Brain Health

Sep­tem­ber 5th, 9.00–10.30 am

Neu­ro­science, and cog­ni­tive sci­ence in gen­eral, are com­ing to a fun­da­men­tally new under­stand­ing of the life­long plas­tic­ity of the brain and what aging means. This presents tremen­dous oppor­tu­ni­ties, and chal­lenges, to any­one car­ing for other people’s brains (on top of their own). In this ses­sion, we will pro­vide an overview of the research and mar­ket trends that may affect brain health in the next five to ten years, will explore new roles to serve our com­mu­ni­ties cou­pled with the need to rein­vent exist­ing ones, and will help nav­i­gate the increased num­ber of brain heath options today.

Learn­ing Objectives

Par­tic­i­pants in this ses­sion will: 1. Develop a shared under­stand­ing of research and mar­ket trends to help pre­pare for what’s next. 2. Pre­dict the evo­lu­tion of new roles to serve our com­mu­ni­ties, involv­ing new pro­fes­sions and indus­tries and rein­vent­ing exist­ing ones. 3. Pro­vide an overview of the oppor­tu­ni­ties and chal­lenges of choos­ing among an increased num­ber of brain heath options, and how to spot quality.

Pre­sen­ter: Alvaro Fernandez.

2) Cre­at­ing Brain Health Pro­grams on a Small Budget

Sep­tem­ber 5th, 3.00–4.30 pm

Brain health classes have evolved through­out the coun­try for the past 15 years. This mod­er­ated panel dis­cus­sion will intro­duce and explore some of the cur­rent model pro­grams and pro­vide take-away infor­ma­tion for devel­op­ing and strength­en­ing local low-cost brain health programs.

Learn­ing Objectives

Par­tic­i­pants in this ses­sion will be able to: 1. Iden­tify ele­ments that con­tribute to a qual­ity low-cost brain health pro­gram. 2. Under­stand the impor­tance of well-rounded brain health pro­grams that include more than class­room expe­ri­ence. 3. Define solu­tions to over­com­ing bar­ri­ers to pro­gram attendance.

Pre­sen­ters: Nancy Cerid­wyn, MA, Amer­i­can Soci­ety on Aging; Terry Engle­hart, Senior Cen­ter With­out Walls; Alvaro Fer­nan­dez, MBA, MA, CEO and Founder, Sharp­Brains; Hope Levy, MA, MA, There’s Always Hope Con­sult­ing and City Col­lege of San Francisco.

3) Teach­ing Brain Fit­ness in Your Community

Sep­tem­ber 4th, 1.30–4.30pm

Media cov­er­age from the Wall Street Jour­nal, New York Times and PBS has reported on a new wave in brain health pro­grams for older adults. What are you provid-ing in your site? This ses­sion will give you a sam­pling of a model brain health series that you can con­duct in your site. It will intro­duce you to the sci­ence of brain fit­ness, includ­ing many engag­ing brain exer­cises to do individu-ally or in a group. Exer­cise Your Brain: New Brain Research and Impli­ca­tions has been taught at sev­eral dif-ferent Bay Area loca­tions includ­ing the Osher Life­long Learn­ing Institutes.

Learn­ing Objectives

As a result of this inten­sive, par­tic­i­pants will: 1. Under­stand the four pil­lars of brain health and three key prin­ci­ples behind effec­tive brain exer­cise. 2. Build a reper­toire of easy-to-do exer­cises, both indi­vid­u­ally and in a group set­ting. 3. Be able to explain to their com­mu­ni­ties why the field of brain fit­ness is grow­ing, and how it will affect the fields of health and wellness.

Pre­sen­ter: Alvaro Fernandez.

When are where: Sep­tem­ber 2nd-5th, in San Fran­cisco, CA. Brain Health Pro­mo­tion day is Sep­tem­ber 5th.

To check the full agenda: Click here.

To reg­is­ter: Reg­is­ter Now (early reg­is­tra­tion until August 25th).

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