#1. The Stroop Test: Great brain teaser to challenge your mental vitality and flexibility

stroop-testReady to test your mental vitality and flexibility?

Quick — say aloud what color you see in every word, NOT the word you read.

Go from left to right, from top to down. Ready. Set. Go!


Not easy, right? This task is called the Stroop Test, and is used in neuropsychological evaluations to measure mental vitality and flexibility, since performing well requires strong attention, inhibition and self-regulation capability (also called executive functions).

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  1. woah that was kinda realy hard. like at first it was eaasy but then i saw how it changed and it was hard for my brain to try and say the right color! it was fun though:]

  2. hey another way of going through easily is just look at the color, and dont let your brain read the spelling at start. Then you can easily go through this. It worked for me!!

  3. Nice & Simple One! enjoyed it.

    it challenges our brain’s tendency to scan through words.

  4. it was very easy for me.
    maybe because i was tired and my brain forgot to focus on the meaning of the words…
    funny.. the best way is not to try hard

  5. I progressed through the first two lines and then got mixed up as i went through the other lines. I have to observe the instructions properly.

  6. Read from the bottom and it was faster. Concentration slows down when read from top to bottom. Great exercise !!! Thanks.

  7. I cheated and took my glass off! Worked fine and fast.
    I put them back on and it was much more difficult.
    Hope I’m not one that looks but doesn’t see.
    Thanks, fun.

  8. If you needed to be literate you probably didn’t understand the exercise. bet you got most of them wrong.

  9. I recently done the test in my neuropsychological assessment.I had a stroke 2yrs ago. I moved thru test slowly, found it hard to focus & concentrate but after I gave it a few go’s I got the hang of it .It’s ideal for brain training & stimulation along with all other brainteasers.

  10. A most interesting exercise, particularly as one is conscious (aware) that the brain is struggling against what the eyes see and what the mouth wants to say. I enjoyed the exercise, but then again, being an educated Englishman my brain always fascinates me.

  11. Well it was to say second time. I used a trick, I did not see the complete words while saying, I just concentrate on the color of last alphabet of the word, did not look the whole word at all, in just second attmept the result was 100%..cool