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Brain exercise: are these lines, top-down, parallel?


1) In your eyes?
2) In reality?

Do you have a guess on what is going on? Answer posted as a Comment.

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7 Responses

  1. asd says:

    yes they are parallel

  2. Alvaro says:

    Yes, they are parallel. Pay attention to a single row, and then look at the adjacent one. The lines appear parallel.

    Lines outside direct focus, in peripheral vision, bend.

  3. Christopher Panayis says:

    black colour makes the surrounded white look smaller in surface

  4. Alvaro says:

    good point, Christopher

  5. woody says:

    It looks like a bunch of desks

  6. Liliana says:

    They are totally parallel, the eyes are our biggest enemy in the mater of disguise

  7. gorgorothmaster3000 says:

    Uhhhhhhhhh turned sideways..uhhh…it.uhhhh..loooooks like a bunch of tem olllll’ boxed seguls.

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