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Upcoming: Grand Rounds Blog Carnival and Brain Fitness Q&A

Just a quick note to announce that next Tuesday, November 15th, will be hosting two great resources:

1- Grand Rounds Blog Carnival: the weekly collection of what’s best in the health and medical blogosphere (see great latest edition Here). If you want to contribute your own blog post, please do so via this Contact Us form.
2- Live Q&A Session with Alvaro Fernandez, coauthor of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness (recently selected as one of the Best Books on Brain Fitness by AARP). Session will take place at 11am Pacific Time/ 2pm Eastern Time, and will be moderated by Harry Moody, Director of Academic Affairs at AARP. To learn more click Here.

Please make sure to visit us Tuesday!

    Debunking 10 Cognitive Health and Fitness Myths

    As part of the research behind the book The SharpBrains Guide for Brain Fitness we interviewed dozens of leading cognitive health and fitness scientists and experts worldwide to learn about their research and thoughts, and have a number of take-aways to report.

    What Santiago Ramon y Cajal can we clearly say today that we couldn’t have said only 10 years ago? That what neuroscience pioneer Santiago Ramon y Cajal claimed in the XX century, “Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor his own brain”, may well become reality in the XXI.

    And transform Education, Health, Training, and Gaming in the process, since Read the rest of this entry »

    Encephalon brain & mind blog carnival

    New edition of Encephalon, the selection of recent blog posts on brain & mind topics, this time hosted by Mike at Ionian Enchantment. Enjoy Encephalon’s #75 edition!

    Encephalon brain & mind blog carnival

    A new edition is out, this time hosted by David at Neuronarrative. Visit Encephalon #74 edition if you have an appetite for great brain & mind blogging, and some time to relax and enjoy!

    Encephalon #61: Brain & Mind Reading for the Holidays

    Welcome to the 61st edition Encephalon brain blog carnivalof Encephalon, the blog carnival that offers some of the best neuroscience and psychology blog posts every other week.

    We do have an excellent set of articles today. covering much ground. Enjoy the reading:

    Neuroscience and Society

    by Greg Downey
    The Flynn Effect: Troubles with Intelligence
    Average IQ test scores had risen about 3 points per decade and in some cases more. Tests of vocabulary, arithmetic, or general knowledge (such as the sorts of facts one learns in school) have showed little increase, but scores have increased markedly on tests thought to measure general intelligence.
    by Vaughan Bell
    Medical jargon alters our understanding of disease
    Understanding how popular ideas influence our personal medical beliefs is an essential part of understanding medicine itself.
    Cognitive Daily,
    by Dave Munger
    Is it sexist to think men are angrier than women?
    Are we more likely to perceive a male face as angry and a female face as happy? A recent study sheds light on the issue.
    Neurocritic Crime, Punishment, and Jerry Springer
    Judges and jurors must put aside their emotionally-driven desire for revenge when coming to an impartial verdict. Does neuroimaging (fMRI) add anything to our understanding of justice?

    Alzheimer’s Disease and Neurocognitive Health Read the rest of this entry »

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