Request for proposals to help astronauts combat behavioral health challenges such as stress and isolation

Cred­it: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Heads-up: The Trans­la­tion­al Research Insti­tute for Space Health (TRISH) at Bay­lor Col­lege of Med­i­cine is award­ing from $100,000 to $500,000 to select­ed com­pa­nies ready to con­front behav­ioral health chal­lenges astro­nauts will face on a future jour­ney to Mars. The award is intend­ed to sup­port one year’s work to advance the tech­nol­o­gy. Full pro­pos­als are due by 5 p.m. EST June 26, 2020. 

View TRISH’s indus­try solic­i­ta­tion.

Researchers and firms in the space (pun intend­ed) may also want to join a webi­nar on June 9th, 01:00 PM US Cen­tral Time.

  • An overview of TRISH and their mis­sion for reduc­ing the health risks to deep space exploration
  • Behav­ioral health and per­for­mance chal­lenges for astronauts
  • Mak­ing a tech­nol­o­gy “space ready”
  • What will be a suc­cess­ful TRISH proposal
  • Time­lines

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News in Context:

For the first time in his­to­ry, NASA astro­nauts have launched from Amer­i­can soil in a com­mer­cial­ly built and oper­at­ed Amer­i­can crew space­craft on its way to the Inter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion. The SpaceX Crew Drag­on space­craft car­ry­ing NASA astro­nauts Robert Behnken and Dou­glas Hur­ley lift­ed off at 3:22 p.m. EDT Sat­ur­day on the company’s Fal­con 9 rock­et from Launch Com­plex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Cen­ter in Florida.”

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