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UCSF to open innovative neurology clinic to address “diagnostic odyssey”

The new UCSF Jan Shrem and Maria Manet­ti Shrem Neu­rol­o­gy Clin­ic will be housed in the Joan and San­ford I. Weill Neu­ro­sciences Build­ing.


UCSF to Launch Unique Neu­rol­o­gy Clin­ic Spe­cial­iz­ing in Dif­fi­cult-to-Diag­nose Cas­es (press release):

A pro­posed neu­rol­o­gy clin­ic at UCSF Med­ical Cen­ter at Mis­sion Bay aims to short­cut the “diag­nos­tic odyssey” faced by many patients with baf­fling brain symp­toms that do not meet the stan­dard cri­te­ria for any spe­cif­ic con­di­tion.

Patients with ambigu­ous neu­ro­log­i­cal symp­toms, but no diag­no­sis, fre­quent­ly go from spe­cial­ist-to-spe­cial­ist over a pro­tract­ed peri­od of time. The goal of the UCSF Jan Shrem and Maria Manet­ti Shrem Neu­rol­o­gy Clin­ic is to fast-for­ward the time laps­es between appoint­ments by enabling pre-diag­nos­tic screen­ing and expert con­sul­ta­tions to take place in a sin­gle vis­it … The UCSF Jan Shrem and Maria Manet­ti Shrem Neu­rol­o­gy Clin­ic will encom­pass three fac­ul­ties: neu­rol­o­gy, neu­ro­surgery and psy­chi­a­try, spe­cial­ties that are fre­quent­ly treat­ed in iso­la­tion…

The bound­aries between psy­chi­a­try and neu­rol­o­gy are break­ing down as we iden­ti­fy con­ver­gences in many con­di­tions, such as autism, demen­tia and Parkinson’s dis­ease,” said Matthew State, MD, PhD, chair of the UCSF Depart­ment of Psy­chi­a­try. “Fur­ther progress in under­stand­ing brain dis­ease and behav­ior is con­tin­gent on col­lab­o­ra­tion and inte­gra­tion, which the Manet­ti Shrem clin­ic will epit­o­mize.”

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