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Neural Analytics raises $15M to commercialize non-invasive, ultrasound-based, brain health monitoring device


Neur­al Ana­lyt­ics, Inc. Rais­es $15 Mil­lion in Series B Financ­ing (press release):

Neur­al Ana­lyt­ics, Inc., a med­ical device com­pa­ny devel­op­ing and com­mer­cial­iz­ing tech­nol­o­gy to mea­sure, diag­nose, and track brain health, today announced that it has raised $15 mil­lion in Series B financ­ing led by Alpha Edi­son…The Lucid Tran­scra­nial Doppler Ultra­sound Sys­tem (Lucid Sys­tem) uses ultra­sound to assess the brain’s blood ves­sels from out­side the body. This analy­sis is non-inva­sive, can be per­formed in the physician’s office, and helps the physi­cian diag­nose brain dis­or­ders. The sys­tem is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for the mon­i­tor­ing of blood flow veloc­i­ties in the cere­bral vas­cu­la­ture. The Lucid Sys­tem is a bat­tery-oper­at­ed, med­ical-grade tablet device designed to be trans­port­ed eas­i­ly through­out a med­ical facil­i­ty and in a range of clin­i­cal sce­nar­ios that require the rapid assess­ment of blood flow in the brain to expe­dite treat­ment…

This fol­lows Neur­al Ana­lyt­ics’ recent announce­ment of its part­ner­ship with the Depart­ment of Defense (DoD) award­ing the com­pa­ny with a $10 mil­lion con­tract to devel­op and sup­ply a portable, point of injury device for assess­ing com­bat-relat­ed trau­mat­ic brain injury (TBI). The con­tract was award­ed by the U.S. Army Med­ical Research and Materiel Com­mand.”

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