Reports highlight need for cognitive health innovation given aging global population

wef_report_wealth_agingNew tech­nolo­gies can pro­tect adults from fraud: reports (McK­inght’s Senior Living):

New tech­nolo­gies can help pro­tect old­er adults from fraud, accord­ing to two reports recent­ly pub­lished by the World Eco­nom­ic Forum.

Aging experts from around the world, con­vened by the WEF’s Glob­al Agen­da Coun­cil on Aging and the Vital­i­ty Group, met for the past two years and deter­mined ways that new tech­nolo­gies will enable old­er adults to more eas­i­ly and safe­ly engage in bank­ing and insur­ance activ­i­ties…Specif­i­cal­ly, they said:

  • Physi­cians should be trained to dis­cuss cog­ni­tive decline with their patients, espe­cial­ly as it relates to their finan­cial and per­son­al affairs.
  • Finan­cial ser­vices employ­ees should be trained to help their clients plan for the pos­si­bil­i­ty of future cog­ni­tive impair­ment. They also should be trained to rec­og­nize signs that a client is begin­ning to expe­ri­ence cog­ni­tive decline.

To access the reports and learn more:

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