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French neurotech start-up Rythm raises $11m to help improve sleep quality

Rythm dreem—–

Rythm rais­es $11M to pur­sue sleep-improv­ing neu­rotech­nol­o­gy (TechCrunch):

French start­up Rythm, which makes a tech-infused head­set it claims improves sleep qual­i­ty, announced Tues­day that it’s raised over $11 mil­lion from pri­vate investors and pub­lic grants…The idea is this: many restora­tive func­tions take place dur­ing the deep­est phas­es of your sleep cycle, right? But those cycles are short and get short­er as the night goes on. The Dreem head­set uses audio to stim­u­late the brain in a way that elon­gates those deep sleep cycles, which may improve the qual­i­ty of your rest — and pos­si­bly mem­o­ry and oth­er cog­ni­tive func­tions as well…Rythm is cur­rent­ly avoid­ing seri­ous med­ical claims with the Dreem, offi­cial­ly say­ing it mere­ly improves sleep qual­i­ty gen­er­al­ly (though it can then claim cred­it for the ben­e­fits of improved sleep).”

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