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Dementia rates could be reduced by 38% via cognitive training

brain exerciseCognitive Training May Bestow Long-Term Benefits for Seniors (Psychiatric News):

“A large multisite, randomized, controlled clinical trial has found that cognitive training can benefit seniors up to a decade after they’ve received the training…the researchers believe that their results have far-reaching clinical implications. As they said in their report, “These results provide support for the development of other interventions, particularly those that target multiple cognitive abilities and are more likely to have an effect on daily living performance”…Indeed, they noted, “If interventions that could delay onset of functional impairment by even six years were introduced, the number of people affected (by dementia) by 2050 would be reduced by 38 percent [according to projections reported in the May 2002 Annual Review of Public Health]. That would be of great public-health significance.”

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