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New virtual reality platforms for brain health assessments and therapies: Oculus Rift, Morpheus

OculusVirtual Reality is Here. Can We Play With It? (The New York Times):

“…I can assure you that virtual reality works. Technology is no longer the limitation. The lingering question is what game designers, artists and filmmakers should do with it…Oculus VR sold 60,000 copies of its first development kit…This year (it) began facing public competition for the first time, most notably in the form of Sony’s Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4.”

Comment: Part of that “lingering question” –especially now that Facebook is buying Oculus– is, How will scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners leverage these new consumer-friendly platforms to develop and market much needed brain health assessments and therapies?

Facebook Buying Oculus Virtual Reality Company for $2 Billion (Time):

“Though the Rift has been pitched as a video gaming device, Facebook plans to use its technology for communications, media and other forms of entertainment. In a conference call with analysts, Zuckerberg said virtual reality has the potential to be the next great computing evolution, following the transition from desktop computers to mobile devices…In a post on his Facebook profile page, Zuckerberg presented such scenarios as sitting courtside at a sports event, studying with a group of students or consulting face-to-face with a doctor as potential uses for virtual reality.”

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