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neuroimagingNeu­ro­science: A head start for brain imag­ing (Nature):

  • The human brain is some­thing of an enig­ma. Much is known about its phys­i­cal struc­ture, but quite how it man­ages to mar­shal its myr­i­ad com­po­nents into a pow­er­house capa­ble of per­form­ing so many dif­fer­ent tasks remains a mys­tery. Neu­roimag­ing offers one way to help find out, and uni­ver­si­ties and gov­ern­ment ini­tia­tives are bet­ting on it.”
  • At the same time, a slew of major projects focus­ing on var­i­ous aspects of the brain is seek­ing to paint the most com­pre­hen­sive pic­ture yet of the organ’s orga­niz­ing prin­ci­ples — from genes to high-lev­el cog­ni­tion. As a result, young sci­en­tists with com­pu­ta­tion­al exper­tise, a flu­en­cy in mul­ti­ple imag­ing tech­niques and a will­ing­ness to engage in inter­dis­ci­pli­nary col­lab­o­ra­tions could read­i­ly carve out a career in this dynam­ic landscape.”
  • Fun­ders are also increas­ing­ly inter­est­ed in applied clin­i­cal uses of neu­roimag­ing tech­niques, which open yet more avenues for collaboration…Companies also see the poten­tial for imag­ing to become a sta­ple of health care and drug development…Philips recruit­ed one of his stu­dents last year, he says, and com­pa­nies such as Siemens, Gen­er­al Elec­tric and Medtron­ic are also look­ing for neu­roimag­ing tal­ent. Rus­sell Schramm, head of tal­ent acqui­si­tion for Philips North Amer­i­ca, says that imag­ing sys­tems will be a key area of focus for the com­pa­ny’s health-care busi­ness over the next five years.”

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