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neuroimagingNeuroscience: A head start for brain imaging (Nature):

  • “The human brain is something of an enigma. Much is known about its physical structure, but quite how it manages to marshal its myriad components into a powerhouse capable of performing so many different tasks remains a mystery. Neuroimaging offers one way to help find out, and universities and government initiatives are betting on it.”
  • “At the same time, a slew of major projects focusing on various aspects of the brain is seeking to paint the most comprehensive picture yet of the organ’s organizing principles — from genes to high-level cognition. As a result, young scientists with computational expertise, a fluency in multiple imaging techniques and a willingness to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations could readily carve out a career in this dynamic landscape.”
  • “Funders are also increasingly interested in applied clinical uses of neuroimaging techniques, which open yet more avenues for collaboration…Companies also see the potential for imaging to become a staple of health care and drug development…Philips recruited one of his students last year, he says, and companies such as Siemens, General Electric and Medtronic are also looking for neuroimaging talent. Russell Schramm, head of talent acquisition for Philips North America, says that imaging systems will be a key area of focus for the company’s health-care business over the next five years.”

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