If you play chess, then take up hiking

newsHeads up on a cou­ple of good arti­cles, one shar­ing great brain fit­ness tips based on the mate­r­i­al dis­cussed dur­ing our 2013 Sum­mit, the oth­er ana­lyz­ing the growth of cog­ni­tive train­ing ser­vice Lumosity.

7 Ways to Opti­mize Your Brain (Huff­in­g­ton Post):

  • 3. Cross-train your brain. The say­ing “use it or lose it” clear­ly applies to brain fit­ness. It’s vital to con­stant­ly step out of your com­fort zone. Sharp­Brains CEO Alvaro Fer­nan­dez empha­sizes “nov­el­ty, vari­ety and chal­lenge.” If you play chess, then take up hik­ing. If you do a lot of phys­i­cal activ­i­ties, then learn anoth­er language.”
  • 7. Mon­i­tor your­self. Remem­ber the mood ring? Now there are a host of devices using biosen­sors to record things like brain waves, heart rate vari­abil­i­ty, res­pi­ra­to­ry rate, and even mood. For exam­ple, Emo­tiv offers a wire­less head­set that mon­i­tors your brain activ­i­ty and trans­lates EEG into data you can understand…Misha Pavel, Ph.D., Pro­gram Direc­tor at the Nation­al Sci­ence Foun­da­tion, said, “We are now in the age of obser­va­tion. The avail­abil­i­ty of data allows us to get smarter about our behaviors.”

Small Brain-Train­ing Game Mak­er Get­ting Big­ger (The Wall Street Journal):

  • Lumos Labs says its Lumos­i­ty brain-train­ing game ser­vice has reached 50 mil­lion mem­bers, a near­ly 43% increase from the 35 mil­lion it announced in Jan­u­ary. The San Fran­cis­co-based com­pa­ny also says its rev­enue for the year is on track to more than dou­ble from the $23.6 mil­lion it rang up in 2012.”
  • Fer­nan­dez sees three groups of cus­tomers that appear to be most attract­ed to these prod­ucts: aging baby boomers who want to stay sharp, pro­fes­sion­als who want to get sharp­er, and par­ents of kids, par­tic­u­lar­ly those with atten­tion deficit trou­bles. “It’s for con­sumers who have done a mil­lion Sudoku puz­zles and ask: ‘What can I do next to ben­e­fit my brain?’” he says.

English About SharpBrains

SHARPBRAINS is an independent think-tank and consulting firm providing services at the frontier of applied neuroscience, health, leadership and innovation.

English About SharpBrains

SHARPBRAINS es un think-tank y consultoría independiente proporcionando servicios para la neurociencia aplicada, salud, liderazgo e innovación.

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