Monitoring stress-related use of antipsychotic drugs in the military

fog brainWar on Drugs (OpEd at the NYT):

LAST year, more active-duty sol­diers com­mit­ted sui­cide than died in bat­tle… Worse, accord­ing to data not report­ed on until now, the mil­i­tary evi­dent­ly respond­ed to stress that afflicts sol­diers in Iraq and Afghanistan pri­mar­i­ly by drug­ging sol­diers on the front lines…The trou­ble is that we have no idea whether it’s effec­tive — or safe — to use antipsy­chot­ic drugs on a con­tin­u­ing basis to treat war-relat­ed stress or to numb or sedate those affect­ed by it…The med­ical, mil­i­tary and civil­ian pop­u­la­tion share an inter­est in know­ing about patient-lev­el pre­scrip­tion trends, med­ical indi­ca­tions for use, effec­tive­ness of con­ven­tion­al as well as off-label treat­ments, and lon­gi­tu­di­nal fol­low-up of those sol­diers receiv­ing psy­chotrop­ic drugs.”

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