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New $1 million grant to study working memory training in children with fragile X

MIND Institute researchers receive $1 million grant to study cognitive training in children with fragile X (UC Davis Health System News):

“Researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute will examine whether children and youth with fragile X syndrome can improve their working memory, cognition and behavior by using an online computer-based cognitive training program, through a new $1 million grant from The John Merck Fund.

To conduct the innovative study, the researchers will travel to the homes of school-aged children around the country to instruct their families on how to use the program and deliver the intervention, called Cogmed, software designed to improve working memory that is marketed by Pearson Education.” Keep reading here.

–> We identified Cogmed/ Pearson as one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2013-2014 based on the analysis in our latest market report.

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