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The Next Frontier: Neuroscience, Business and the Arts

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Oh The Places You’ll Go, Dr.Seuss.

The space between creativity and entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting areas unfolding in our modern world right now. Although this relationship has been acknowledged by every true entrepreneur for many years, it has taken too long for the correlation between the two areas to be understood, encouraged, and expanded upon in a broader sense.

Our entire sense of values has shifted dramatically in the last 20 years. A creative economy has emerged, and alongside it, an experience economy; no longer are we, as consumers, interested simply in products. Instead, it is the experience of the product from its purchase to its final use that determines our sense of value.

Giving birth to About My Brain and the Brain Art Awards is a demonstration of working across disciplines. By bringing together the three worlds of neuroscience, business and the arts, my colleagues and I (with special thanks to our great ambassador Flutter Lyon) aim to form a whole new platform of experience, information and education resources, and, why not, entertainment? We are reaching people who may never have imagined how important it is to understand our brains.

Think of it like a hotline to the mainframe. From us, the non-scientists, directly to the scientists who know more about us than we do ourselves. It’s time we integrated ways of learning more about ourselves from this scientific level, into our everyday lives. This is why we are proud Sponsors of the upcoming 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit.

The Brain Art Awards & Exhibition is an international competition with ten media categories, open to anyone aged 14 – 99. It offers a $5,000 cash prize to the major winner, and garners a fascinating international response to a specific area of human Experience. This year it is centered around the provocative theme of ‘Life Pleasures and the Brain.’

With entrants as diverse as: a teenager from Spain exploring new life experiences, a science enthusiast from Canada, a professional creative from Australia and everyone and everywhere in between, this is an incredible collection of artistic responses to a universal theme. It’s all about neuroscience by people other than neuroscientists. It helps to bridge the gap between each of us, our perception of the world around us, and how we engage in different ways with the same experiences.

  • What is this competition about: We want to inspire you to create work that communicates neuroscience findings in a creative and interactive manner.
  • Why are we doing this: We are dedicated to bring together three communities: neuroscience, business and the arts, with the purpose of promoting creativity and brain awareness in the community. This initiative aims to give anyone with a talent an opportunity to promote who they are and what they do through our global network.
  • Where will this take place: Your work will be shown through our online and interactive virtual gallery and displayed at the 2012 Brain Art Exhibition at Verge Gallery Sydney, Australia

–> To Learn More: Visit website and download brief at BrainArt Awards 2012


 — Silvia Damiano is the Director of About­My­Brain, offering a bunch of remark­able expe­ri­ences that intend to bring together three com­mu­ni­ties: Neu­ro­science, Busi­ness and the Arts. How? Via Exhi­bi­tions, Awards, online and offline resources. With 20 years of experience, Silvia has worked in Australia, South America, South Africa and in the USA within the corporate sector for a variety of industries, including finance, telecommunications, IT and professional firms.

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