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Steve Jobs: Computers are the Bicycles of the Mind

Fas­ci­nat­ing raw footage from a 1990 inter­view with Steve Jobs. Please don’t miss the pro­found and quite fun­ny first three min­utes and a half (the rest is a more usu­al tech inter­view).

Watch An Inter­view With Steve Jobs on PBS. See more from NOVA.

Mon­ey quote:
(When talk­ing about how, in an old Sci­en­tif­ic Amer­i­can arti­cle, the con­dor came up as the species with most effi­cient loco­mo­tion, way ahead of us humans…except when we ride a bicy­cle)

…It made a real­ly big impres­sion on me that we humans are tool­builders, and that we can fash­ion tools that ampli­fy these inher­ent abil­i­ties that we have to spec­tac­u­lar mag­ni­tudes. For me, a com­put­er has always been a bicy­cle of the mind, some­thing that takes us far beyond our inher­ent abil­i­ties. And I think we are just at the ear­ly stages of this tool…”

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