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Market Report: Transforming Brain Health with Digital Tools – The State of the Brain Fitness Market 2010

In honor of Brain Aware­ness Week (March 14-20th), any­one who reg­is­ters to participate in the 2011 SharpBrains Summit BEFORE MARCH 20TH will obtain a com­pli­men­tary 207-page PDF copy of the full mar­ket report Trans­form­ing Brain Health with Dig­i­tal Tools to Assess, Enhance and Treat Cog­ni­tion Across the Lifes­pan — The State of the Brain Fit­ness Mar­ket 2010. Please note that the nor­mal price of this report is $1,295. This report includes pro­pri­etary sur­veys, mar­ket data and in-depth analy­sis of 32 com­pa­nies, 10 Inno­va­tion Case Stud­ies pre­pared by 2010 Inno­va­tion Awards Win­ners and Final­ists, and 23 Research Exec­u­tive Briefs pre­pared by lead­ing scientists.

Report Sum­mary

This 207-page report tracks devel­op­ments at over thirty pub­lic and pri­vate com­pa­nies offer­ing dig­i­tal tools to assess, enhance and repair brain-based cog­ni­tive and self-regulation func­tions and pro­vides impor­tant indus­try data, insights and analy­sis to help investors, exec­u­tives, entre­pre­neurs, and pol­icy mak­ers nav­i­gate the oppor­tu­ni­ties and risks of this rapidly grow­ing field. The report dis­cusses the impli­ca­tions of cog­ni­tive neu­ro­science on healthy aging, edu­ca­tion, peak per­for­mance, and a num­ber of dis­or­ders such as atten­tion deficits, dyslexia, stroke and trau­matic brain injury, schiz­o­phre­nia, mild cog­ni­tive impair­ment, and Alzheimer’s dis­ease. The report also pro­vides infor­ma­tion and frame­works to help insti­tu­tions make informed invest­ment, part­ner­ing and pur­chase decisions.

The report includes:

  • Sur­vey: The com­plete results of an exclu­sive March 2010 mar­ket sur­vey with 1,900+ respon­dents (in Chap­ter 2)
  • Ven­dor analy­sis: A pro­pri­etary Mar­ket & Research Momen­tum Matrix to cat­e­go­rize main tech­nol­ogy ven­dors into four cat­e­gories, com­bined with 32 in-depth pro­files (in Chap­ter 3)
  • Inno­va­tion case stud­ies: Ten detailed case stud­ies pre­pared by the Top 10 Final­ists in the 2010 Brain Fit­ness Inno­va­tion Awards (in Chap­ter 4)
  • Research analy­sis: 23 Research Exec­u­tive Briefs writ­ten by lead­ing sci­en­tists at promi­nent research labs to pro­vide a unique win­dow into emerg­ing sci­ence and its impli­ca­tions (in Chap­ter 5)

–> Register to participate in the 2011 SharpBrains Summit BEFORE MARCH 20TH and obtain a com­pli­men­tary 207-page PDF copy of the full mar­ket report Trans­form­ing Brain Health with Dig­i­tal Tools to Assess, Enhance and Treat Cog­ni­tion Across the Lifes­pan — The State of the Brain Fit­ness Mar­ket 2010.

Table of Contents

Exec­u­tive Summary

Chap­ter 1. A Bird’s-Eye View of the Grow­ing Field
– A Mar­ket in the mak­ing: size, seg­ments and themes
– Value propo­si­tion and busi­ness mod­els per cus­tomer seg­ment
– Major Devel­op­ments in 2009/ 2010: Pol­icy, Demand, Sup­ply, Sci­ence
– Pol­icy: from dis­ease treat­ment to enhanc­ing cog­ni­tion and men­tal well­ness across lifes­pan
– Demand: employ­ers, insur­ers and health plans join con­sumers and seniors’ com­mu­ni­ties
– Sci­ence: from Magic Pills to Tools in the Toolkit
– Sup­ply: finally, scal­able assess­ments and inte­grated solu­tions
– Nav­i­gat­ing the dig­i­tal brain health tech­nol­ogy land­scape
– Inter­view with Dr. Michael Merzenich — har­ness­ing neuroplasticity

Chap­ter 2. Mar­ket Sur­vey of Pri­or­i­ties, Beliefs, and Habits
– March 2010: Sur­vey of 1,900 decision-makers and early adopters
– Key take-aways
– Rank­ing of Brain Func­tions to Thrive in the XXI cen­tury
– Beliefs and Habits
– Pub­lic Aware­ness Pri­or­i­ties
– Pur­chase his­tory and com­par­a­tive cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion
– Cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion for four top prod­ucts
– Pur­chase inten­tions over next 12 months.
– Sur­vey details and demo­graphic information

Chap­ter 3. The Emerg­ing Com­pet­i­tive Land­scape
– Nav­i­gat­ing the land­scape for assess­ments, ther­a­pies, train­ing and ser­vices
– The Sharp­Brains Research-Market Momen­tum Matrix
– Sum­mary table: Sharp­Brains’ Take on thirty-two Com­pa­nies
– Seven Lead­ers: Com­pany Pro­files
– Five High Poten­tials: Com­pany Pro­files
– Two Cross­words 2.0: Com­pany Pro­files
– Six Wait & See: Com­pany Pro­files
– Six Inno­v­a­tive Ser­vice Mod­els
– Six Inno­v­a­tive Start-Ups

Chap­ter 4. 2010 Inno­va­tion Awards: Ten Case Stud­ies
– Inno­va­tion Case Stud­ies: Sum­mary Table
– Judg­ing Panel, Cri­te­ria and Results
– Arrow­smith Pro­gram: Final­ist
– USA Hockey: Grand Prize Win­ner
– Nation­wide Mutual Insur­ance: Sil­ver Prize Win­ner
– Uni­ver­sity Behav­ioral Health­Care: Final­ist
– All­state: Sil­ver Prize Win­ner
– AAA Foun­da­tion for Traf­fic Safety: Final­ist
– Saint Luke’s Brain and Stroke Insti­tute: Final­ist
– Oak­land Unifi ed School Dis­trict: Final­ist
– Men­tal Health Asso­ci­a­tion of Rock­land County: Final­ist
– SCAN Health Plan: Finalist

Chap­ter 5. Research & Devel­op­ment: 23 Research Exec­u­tive Briefs on Mea­sur­ing & Enhanc­ing Brain Fit­ness
– Recent Find­ings in Con­text
– Debunk­ing 10 typ­i­cal myths
– Research Exec­u­tive Briefs: Sum­mary Table
– Cog­ni­tion, neu­ro­pro­tec­tion and aging: A Nunes (Illi­nois), J Stein­er­man (Einstein-Montefiore)
– Mea­sur­ing and enhanc­ing dri­ving fi tness: N Cas­savaugh (Illi­nois), J Edwards (South Florida)
– Sur­vey of evidence-based cog­ni­tive train­ing method­olo­gies: T Alloway (Stir­ling), S Jaeggi & M Buschkuehl (Michi­gan, Bern), T Kling­berg (Karolin­ska), E Zelin­ski (USC Davis), D Vance (UAB), J Edwards (South Florida)
– Cog­ni­tive value and lim­i­ta­tions of 3 types of com­mer­cial videogames: R Haier (Mind Research Net­work), D Bave­lier & S Green (Rochester), A Kramer (Illi­nois)
– Cur­rent and future com­put­er­ized ther­a­pies: D Lear­month (City), D Bave­lier &B Hubert-Wallander (Rochester),
– Emerg­ing brain-based mark­ers: J Stein­er­man (Einstein-Montefiore), B Gib­son (Notre Dame), Y Stern (Colum­bia), D Rabiner (Duke)
– Emerg­ing clin­i­cal tools (neu­ro­feed­back, TMS, tDCS): L Hir­sh­berg & E Festa (Brown), J Cooney Hor­vath & A Pas­cual Leone & F Fregni(Harvard)
– Inter­view with Dr. Mar­tin Buschkuehl — Cross­word puz­zles vs. cog­ni­tive training

Chap­ter 6: K12 Schools
– Key trends and play­ers
– New Fed­eral Fund enables sig­nifi cant Sci­en­tific Learn­ing growth
– What Works Clearinghouse’s take on Fast For­Word, Earo­bics, Read, Write &Type!
– Rein­vent­ing edu­ca­tion: from con­tent trans­fer to per­son­al­ized capac­ity devel­op­ment
– Per­spec­tive by Tracy Alloway — Work­ing Mem­ory pre­dicts aca­d­e­mic performance

Chap­ter 7: Employ­ers
– Key trends and play­ers
– Sports Teams: detect, treat Trau­matic Brain Injury
– Sports Teams: improv­ing Win Ratios
– Mil­i­tary appli­ca­tions: detect, treat Trau­matic Brain Injury
– Mil­i­tary appli­ca­tions: accel­er­ate learn­ing, train­ing, per­for­mance
– Cor­po­rate Amer­ica: new brain-based solu­tions to well­ness and train­ing
– The Mature Work­force adds urgency to brain fit­ness inno­va­tion
– Inter­view with Prof. Daniel Gopher – cog­ni­tive Sim­u­la­tions to enhance performance

Chap­ter 8: Con­sumers
– Key trends and play­ers
– Focus groups: 50+ con­sumers want use­ful, chal­leng­ing fun
– AARP sur­vey: 65+ con­sumers want health and inde­pen­dence (not anti­ag­ing)
– Demo­graphic profi le of “cog­ni­tive gym” mem­bers
– AAA pro­motes cog­ni­tive train­ing for dri­ving fit­ness
– New assess­ments: val­i­dated Alzheimer’s screen­ing, brain fit­ness action plans
– From stand­alone prod­ucts to inte­grated online/ mobile plat­forms
– Claims by BBC Brain Test Britain mud­dle the waters (yes, more)
– Inter­view with Peter Kissinger — main­tain­ing dri­ving fit­ness as we age
– Per­spec­tive by Dr. Eliz­a­beth Zelin­ski on BBC Brain Test Britain
– Check­list for con­sumers eval­u­at­ing products

Chap­ter 9: Providers
– Key trends and play­ers
– Health reform and Men­tal Par­ity Law drive adop­tion of fi rst Brain-based Clin­i­cal Deci­sion Sup­port Sys­tems
– National Insti­tute of Health (NIH) Panel on AD/ Cog­ni­tive Decline Pre­ven­tion: our Analy­sis
– Con­tin­ued Growth of “Brain Fit­ness Cen­ters” in Senior Liv­ing com­mu­ni­ties
– Com­put­er­ized Cog­ni­tive Behav­ioral Ther­apy as first-line treat­ment in the UK
– US Health Plans and Insur­ers Expand Cog­ni­tive Well­ness, Retrain­ing, Rehab Toolk­its
– Rein­vent­ing TBI and schiz­o­phre­nia care
– Inter­view with Patrick Dono­hue – new frame­works and tools to stan­dard­ize care
– Per­spec­tive by Dr. Elkhonon Gold­berg – why and how neu­ropsy­chol­ogy needs to guide phar­ma­col­ogy
– Per­spec­tive by Dr. David Rabiner — com­par­ing Work­ing Mem­ory Train­ing &med­ica­tion treat­ment for ADHD
– Check­list for providers select­ing brain fit­ness pro­grams and solutions

Chap­ter 10: Future Direc­tions: Pro­jec­tions and Bot­tle­necks
– 2010–2015 Mar­ket Out­look
– 2015 Growth Pro­jec­tions and Sce­nar­ios
– Cat­e­gory risks and mit­i­ga­tion
– Five Per­spec­tives by thought-leaders and decision-makers
– Inter­view with Dr. John Docherty — Tech­nol­ogy as the miss­ing link to enable a brain-based model of Brain Care

In-depth Company Profiles

The tech­nol­ogy and ser­vice ven­dors ana­lyzed in depth in the report are:

  • Advanced Brain Tech­nolo­gies
  • Applied Cog­ni­tive Engi­neer­ing
  • Arrow­smith School
  • Brain Cen­ter Amer­ica
  • Brain Resource
  • CNS Vital Signs
  • Cog­nic­iti
  • Cog­ni­tive Fit­ness and Inno­v­a­tive Ther­a­pies
  • Cogmed
  • Cog­niFit
  • Cogstate
  • Dakim
  • E-Hub
  • Houghton Mif­flin
  • Learn­ing Enhance­ment Cor­po­ra­tion
  • Learn­ingRx
  • Lexia Learn­ing
  • Lumos Labs
  • Mar­bles: The Brain Store
  • Med­In­ter­act
  • Mem­ory Train­ing Cen­ters of Amer­ica
  • Mind360
  • MyBrain­Trainer
  • Neo­Corta
  • Neu­ro­Trax
  • NovaV­i­sion
  • Posit Sci­ence
  • Sci­en­tific Brain Train­ing
  • Sci­en­tific Learn­ing
  • Ultra­sis
  • United BioSource (acquired CDR)
  • Telos Inter­na­tional
  • Vibrant­Brains
  • Vig­or­ous Mind
  • Viv­ity Labs

–> Register to participate in the 2011 SharpBrains Summit BEFORE MARCH 20TH and obtain a com­pli­men­tary 207-page PDF copy of the full mar­ket report Trans­form­ing Brain Health with Dig­i­tal Tools to Assess, Enhance and Treat Cog­ni­tion Across the Lifes­pan — The State of the Brain Fit­ness Mar­ket 2010.

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