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Top 10 Psychology Studies from 2010

David DiSalvo, a science and technology writer whose posts we share with you regularly, has just published his selection of the 2010 psychology studies really worth knowing about.

A great tour of the brain and psychology that leads us from how many of our waking hours are dedicated to day dreaming, how the impression we are trying to give when meeting someone influences how we evaluate the other person, to how a confident posture gives a biochemical advantage that increases feelings of power and tolerance of risk. Enjoy!

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  1. The 46.9% mind wandering number is shocking, but not surprising. I’ve seen a couple studies over the past few years on the matter, such as the 2007 University of North Carolina at Greensboro study with its number of around 30%. The entire matter is shocking, because those ranges are for NORMAL brains, not taking into account those who suffer from ADHD. These are folks who are driving around in automobiles, operating aircraft, working on medical staffs, driving public transit, and cooking our meals in restaurants. This is why brain training is so important; why learning to get control of one’s attention can literally transform one’s life experience. Thanks for the update regarding the great article.

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