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Smart industry-research collaboration for working memory training

VeryBrain3 interesting announcement yesterday, by Lumos Labs and researchers Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl:

“The version of Dual N-Back replicates the training previously used in the lab while making it available online. The program will be used to facilitate further research in memory and intelligence training, with the Lumosity Research Platform supporting data collection and study administration.”

“The online availability of the dual n-back task is a great step forward for our ongoing research and we are happy having found Lumos Labs as a competent partner,” says Dr. Buschkuehl.

Also note that the researchers are now recruiting healthy 18-35 year-old volunteers to participate in an ongoing study. (Participants must be able to travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan for testing). Learn more Here.

You may also enjoy this interview with Dr. Buschkuehl on their working memory training work.

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