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Preventing Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Stronger Effort Needed To Prevent Mental, Emotional, And Behavioral Disorders in Young people, Experts Urge (Science Daily)

– “The federal government should make preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and promoting mental health in young people a national priority, says a new report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine.”

– “Research has shown that a number of programs are effective at preventing these problems and promoting mental health, the report says. Such programs could be implemented more broadly, but currently there is no clear federal presence to lead these efforts.  The White House should create an entity that can coordinate agency initiatives in this area, set public goals for prevention, and provide needed research and funding to achieve them, said the committee that wrote the report.”

– “There is a substantial gap between what is known about preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and what is actually being done,” said Kenneth E. Warner, committee chair and dean of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.”

Full report: click Here.

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  1. Alvaro, while the politics of raising public awareness are being debated, it may be helpful to Sharpbrain readers to learn about the online project started by Australian Jack Heath:

    This is an online portal that allows teens struggling with psychological and cognitive issues to get help and remain anonymous, if necessary. (User groups primarily located in Australia.)

    I had a chance to speak with Heath on a drive down to the TED conference. It’s was not clear neuroscience was part of the picture, but meditation certainly is!

    Heath spearheaded the project by investing in the WEB as the portal to creating access to information and community! I suspect the same will be true for creating “open source” communities that promote developmental neuroscience.

    Anyone at Sharpbrains interested in creating a conversation along these lines?

    Synaptically yours,

    Dr. G.

  2. Hello M.A., Jack and I know each other via the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. He is doing a great job in Australia and looking for innovative ways to bring his work to the US, mostly based (at least last time I checked) on cognitive therapy techniques.

    Thank you for mentioning his very relevant work!

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