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Global Agenda Councils: The Challenges of Gerontology

My brain is honoured to have been invited to participate-together with the rest of my body of course- in a new initiative by the World Economic Forum. Of course I have accepted, given that the Global Agenda Councils have this fascinating charter:

– “Global Agenda Councils will challenge prevailing assumptions, monitor trends, map interrelationships and address knowledge gaps. Equally important, Global Agenda Councils will also propose solutions, devise strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of actions using measurable benchmarks.”

– “In a global environment marked by short-term orientation and silo-thinking, Global Agenda Councils will foster interdisciplinary and long-range thinking to address the prevailing challenges on the global agenda.”

Update (November 2nd, 2008): my proposal is to create a Global Consortium for Neurocognitive Fitness Innovation. I will keep you informed via this blog.

The Inaugural Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai (November 7-9) sounds very promising:

– “During the three-day Summit, the 700 participants of this interdisciplinary event will engage in interactive workshops and sessions to set priorities for the most compelling ideas for improving the state of the world, from groundbreaking areas of research to new and exciting developments and cross-cutting solutions to address the world’s challenges. The outcomes of the Summit will be presented at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos for further discussion and action.”

Will keep you posted on what happens before, during and after the event (membership involves a set of activities during full year) to encourage a wider participation. This can be an excellent opportunity to build bridges between growing cognitive research and applications and the challenges of gerontology, health, education. And, the higher the participation, the more relevant and solid those bridges will be.

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2 Responses

  1. Ofelia Pedroche-Aranda says:

    Dear Alvaro,

    Best wishes on this exciting opportunity to share your Brain Fitness ideas with the world and to exchange views on the challenges of gerontology. Keep us updated.


  2. Thank you Ofelia, I will!

    Btw, I do add a voice and some neurons to understanding and spreading “Brain Fitness ideas” but, fortunately for us all, they are not just mine 🙂

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