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Stanford Media X Annual Conference

We will be attending the 5th Annual Media X Conference, April 16 and 17, 2007 at Stanford University.

If you are coming, please contact us so we can talk in more detail about cognitive and emotional training (brain fitness).

Description: Media X Annual Conference will highlight fundamental research about people and technology for our Affiliates and friends.  The research ranges from biometrics for authentication, to wireless network sensors for enhanced quality of life, to gaming and leadership along with virtual economies and mechanisms for participant reward.  In addition, this year’s conference features leading companies and their secrets for success, along with cutting-edge faculty research and answers for companies using teams in multiple locations, especially off-shored or outsourced teams.


Target audience:
1. Corporate researchers responsible for tracking trends and findings from academia
2. R&D leaders developing products, processes, and services with distributed teams
3. IT managers responsible for Corporate Infrastructure to support distributed work 

More information at 5th Annual Media X Conference

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